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See what our women warriors are saying about us...

​"Words cannot express the gratitude I am feeling, I am still in AWE, ☆tears☆ with what your organization did for me! My son was like WOW mom we have food!”​

"If One Savvy Veteran did NOT cover my balance I would not have a place to live and I would have become homeless again."

 "I just love this organization!! They truly understand the needs of the Veteran without going through all the red tape. I wish more organizations were like yours."

"I greatly appreciate you. Before I spoke with you today I was counting out change trying to buy a bag of beans. Now, my kids and I have food for the month. God bless you all. I actually cried, because I didn't know how we were going to make it. Thank you so much. You didn't make me feel bad or ask me a million questions. You made me realize that are decent people around still. Thanks for that."

"Again, and again.... You are indeed a Secret Angel and a Blessing in Bold... a Phenomenal Virtuous Woman. Thee Undisputed Vet. Champ. Of the World.... (Or at least all of Chicagoland)"

"Thank you, I had a wonderful time.  I'm so glad I came.  Also, looking forward to other events to bond, share and work with our fellow sisters."

"Thank you for the helpful tips! Your organization is amazing and I hope you continue to grow."

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